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Staying Dry - Songtan, South Korea by geedub11 
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that was funny but i don’t like you so i’m not gonna laugh

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will 2014 be my anime year? will i hangout with my friends on the roof of the school? will someone make me a bento box? will i finally kiss kiss fall in love?

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Candied caramel apples ( by CruStABakes)
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OHMYGOD NYX MARACON LIPPIES ARE FINALLY AVAILABLE. I ordered Citron, Earl Grey, Lavender, Key Lime and Orange Blossom and I cannot wait to get them. 
Fantasize in color with neon and pastel lippies in 12 of the creamiest shades you’ll ever use. The cruelty-free formula is packed with pigment and has a satin matte finish for long-wearing resilience.
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